Občina Ptuj: Gypsy Project (italija) v Kavarni DDT

Naziv lokacije: Kavarna DDT
Naslov: Trg svobode 11 a, 1420 Trbovlje
Pričetek: 18.04.2018 20:00 do 23:00
Kategorija: Prireditve
Kontakt: Kavarna DDT
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Gypsy Project is a musical project born in 2012 that unites various musicians who love the manouche music and in particular the compositions of the great guitarist Django Reinhardt. The group was born from the idea of ​​the two guitarists Nunzio Ferro and Vittorio Menga and takes advantage of the solid and stable collaboration of Nicola Scagliozzi on the double bass, Domenico Mancini on the violin and Antonio Aucello on the saxophone. Their path has developed between jazz clubs, festivals, live performances around the peninsula and recording sessions that have led them to the creation of a record, next to the release, of pieces of the tradition manouche. The gypsy comes from the fusion of the French musette vals with jazz. In fact, the style is very similar to the American swing of the 1920s and '30s, most commonly played with an orchestra. The two genres, though developing in contemporary periods and resembling them, have very different origins: the American style is in fact attested in the places that will subsequently follow the traces and will be linked by tradition (for example, New York, New Orleans). One of his greatest exponents, Duke Ellington collaborated with the official founder of the Manouche, or the still unsurpassed Django Reinhardt. This guitarist of Belgian origin belonged to a nomad family who, at the end of his many trips, settled with his own caravan in Paris. From this circumstance the thesis of the so-called "gypsy gender" was born. Django Reinhardt, born in Belgium in 1910, was the first great European jazz guitarist. All his career and his extraordinary guitar technique revolve around a detail of his life: a terrible fire in which he was involved when he was 8 years old. The flames made him lose the use of the little finger and ring finger of his left hand. Reinhardt, already very skilled at the time with the banjo, then invented a new and revolutionary technique using only the index and the middle of the left hand, thus becoming a virtuoso of the instrument as well as a composer. In the mid-thirties, Reinhardt and violinist Stéphane Grappelli (he collaborated on Pink Floyd's Wish you were here) formed a legendary quintet Le Quintette du Hot Club de France. The suond of the five was based on jazz improvisations and fulminant solo interludes. Duke Ellington invited them to New York for a series of concerts. Reinhardt died in 1953. His story inspired Toni Iommi, the Black Sabbath guitarist, who was also severely impaired at the fingers of one hand. After listening to an album by Reinhardt, he created a style that was compatible with his condition. Today, he is considered the master of heavy metal riffs.

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