Občina Ptuj: Arsana Art Dance Camp

Naziv lokacije: Arsana Art Dance Camp
Naslov: Prešernova ulica 31, 2250 Ptuj
Pričetek: 21.07.2018 09:00 do 27.07.2018 19:00
Kategorija: Prireditve
Kontakt: Arsana Art Dance Camp
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21st till 27th of July 2018 WITH FINAL PERFORMANCE @ THE MAIN STAGE OF ARSANA MUSIC FESTIVAL We know that there are many dance camps happening around the globe, but this one has a very special story. We call it BE DIFFERENT! FROM THE UNIQUE DANCE PERFORMANCE @ THE END OF THE DANCE CAMP (CHOREOGRAPHERS WILL CREATE A SPECIAL 30 – 40 MINUTES STAGE PERFORMANCE WITH ALL THE PARTICIPANTS (including teachers) WILL TAKE PLACE @ MAIN STAGE @ GRAND FINALE OF THE ARSANA MUSIC FESTIVAL @ FRIDAY, 27th of JULY) to visiting concerts for FREE or for the SPECIAL prices for dance camp participants parties, meeting new dance friends, pools...

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