Občina Ptuj: Spain: Courses 5 & 6 - Dec 15 to 18

Naziv lokacije: Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy - ANF Therapy
Naslov: Botterupvej 1, 3100 Hornbak
Pričetek: 15.12.2017 10:00 do 18.12.2017 18:00
Kategorija: Prireditve
Kontakt: Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy - ANF Therapy
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December 15 to 16 - Course 5: Autoimmune Disorders https://www.anfcourses.com/spain-course5-dec-15-16th December 17 to 18 - Course 6: Holistic Approach - In-depth practice https://www.anfcourses.com/spain-course-6-17-18th-dec . How does ANF Therapy work? It uses a combination of frequency emitting wearable devices, the ANF Discs. Each disc is applied directly on the skin and activated by the body heat. They transmit a unique range of frequencies through the neurons in the body. The nervous system picks up these frequencies, starting a self-healing and self-regulating process. By improving the nervous system signaling directly at the cellular level, the effect of the treatment is much faster and has remarkable durable results. The ANF Therapy does not require the use of any drugs or chemicals. . Your Instructor: Dr. Mikel H-G Hoff Founder and Inventor of Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy Co- INSTRUCTOR Irina Heinisuo ANF Worldwide Courses Manager: Mohammed Diab m.diab@anfacademy.com

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